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Paltrack is a leading supplier of software solutions, product coding and integration services to the South African agricultural industry.

Our focus is on supply chain visibility from producer to port, and we build and source software solutions that meet our unique customer’s needs through all market verticals.

Our primary clients are in the fruit and aquaculture industries, but our software is agile and customisable for many traceability requirement.

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Customisable for Any Traceability Requirement

Paltrack’s Agricultural Software Solutions
PALFARM - Farming Software Solution

PALFARM features software functionality intended to satisfy the farmer’s requirements with regards to label printing and document generation. It electronically provides railings information to other solutions within the logistical chain. Exporter payments can be reconciled by the producer. More About PALFARM

PALPACK - Packhouse/Processing Software Solutions

PALPACK is a comprehensive software solution developed for the fresh produce packhouse environment.  It provides clients with full management, visibility and traceability of product from bulk receiving at the packhouse throughout the packing process up to finished goods warehousing and shipping. More About PALPACK

PALSTORE - Warehouse Software Solutions

PALSTORE is a software solution that caters for stock management in warehouse environments. It is particularly strong in scenarios where the stock item carries a unique identifier, like a barcode on a pallet of fruit. The solution can scale to cater for low to very high volume multi-location facilities. Ease-of-use and its flexibility ensures completion of day-to-day tasks efficiently. More About PALSTORE

PALPORT - Port Software Solutions

PALPORT is a software solution used in conjunction with PALSTORE that provides specific capability to handle loading of container, conventional and combi-vessels. This functionality is usually used along with reservation and warehouse management functionality. More About PALPORT

PALBROKER - Exporter Software Solutions

PALBROKER is Paltrack’s latest software solution designed for exporters, agents and logistical service providers. It is a web-based produce brokering solution that offers logistical management and financial payment functionality. More About PALBROKER

PALINFO - A Comprehensive Software Solution

A mobile survey tool linked to all of Paltrack’s software solutions. More About PALINFO

Paltracks’ advantageous integration with eCert and PPECB Titan 2.0

Paltrack's Key Differentiators

in the Agricultural Software Solutions Industry

We provide central code registration, electronic file distribution and transmission services.

Our solutions service the entire logistical chain.

We have superior point solutions that have a proven track record.

We play a leading role at the industry forums.

Paltrack is the leading provider of packhouse solutions, especially for citrus, and our market share is growing.

Information flows from inland facilities are indispensable to port-based store and terminal operations.

Paltrack’s D2 service switches more than 70% of SA fruit industry’s logistical information.  

We maintain the standards for product coding and information exchange in the industry.

There are advantages to one operational system provider in a distributed environment across many units:

Lower development costs.

Easier to establish and maintain group standards and flows.

One service provider to phone to resolve issues.

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