Dear Client,

In October 2014, we started our first implementation of PALBROKER (the replacement of our old exporter solution, Agriport).  PALBROKER was a complete re-write and user interface to keep in line with newer technology and more forward thinking in terms of functionality.  The transition to the new solution (as with the re-write of many software solutions) did not come without its challenges and the resistance of change always comes into play.  We are pleased to say that our PALBROKER customers today are happy with their new solution as it offers them far more and easier to use functionality.

For me, the highlights since October 2014 are the following:

  • We now have 11 different exporters running PALBROKER.  These clients range from sites doing just over 1,000 pallets per season to larger sites that does up to 65,000 pallets in a season.  This illustrates the flexibility of the solution to cater for larger and smaller customers.
  • By mid-2015, our support on PALBROKER since our first implementation reduced dramatically and is currently almost non-existent.  We have happy customers.
  • Any defects since our first implementation reduced dramatically, with less than 10 issues outstanding.  This is still reducing every month.  This is an illustration of a stable product.

Paltrack continually work to give our clients more.  It is with this in mind that we are now taking our solutions to the next level.  Some of the new enhancements include:-

  • Dashboards within the PALBROKER solution where users will have visibility of the day-to-day operations at various managerial or operational levels.  The dashboard provides a real-time view, allowing users to make time-saving and accurate decisions related to daily operations.
  • Enabling selected parts of the program to run on tablets for the users that require mobile solutions.  This is being developed currently and we will be releasing this early in 2016.
  • Integration with the PPECB Titan Project.  This has been successfully completed.
  • New modules, based on client and market requirements, will be added to PALBROKER in the New Year.  We are looking to start our exporter user group in 2016 and will provide details related to these modules in the user group.

We would like to thank our loyal and dedicated exporter customers who have walked the path of ensuring that our PALBROKER solution is such a great success.  Also, a big thank you to our dedicated team of developers and support staff for their contribution in making PALBROKER what it is today.

Furthermore, we are looking forward to welcoming the last of our clients still using Agriport into the PALBROKER group in 2016.

We look forward to our continued partnerships in 2016!

Kind regards

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